Emo Poetry Generator

Emo Poetry Generator

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This flip book-style emo poetry generator is the perfect gift for anyone looking for a little early-to-mid-2000s nostalgia to soothe their deep, dark soul. Chock-full of playfully melancholic and angsty phrases reminiscent of emo internet poetry from the early millennium, this volume invites you to simply flip and match different sections to yield over 150,000 unique three-line poems. So, whether you've just run out of black eyeliner, lost your favorite pair of skinny jeans, or gotten blue hair dye all over your favorite My Chemical Romance tee, generate the perfect emo poem to adequately express your angst. Just in time for the cultural emo revival, the Emo Poetry Generator is the perfect birthday or holiday gift for millennials who lived through the original era, as well as the Gen Zers who are bringing it back.

PESSIMISM MADE EASY: Separated into three sections, each with 52 phrases, that can be easily flipped around on the book's spiral binding. Select the three phrases that speak to you, and reveal a perfectly angsty three-line poem to match your mood.

OVER MAGNETIC POETRY?: The Emo Poetry Generator is the perfect present for baby emos, original emos, or anyone thirsty for some early-to-mid-2000s vibes. Spot-on aesthetics and heartwarming nostalgia in one attractively priced package!

EMO CULTURE IS BACK & DELIGHTFULLY BLEAKER THAN EVER: From young and popular artists like Willow Smith putting out pop punk and emo-influenced albums to festivals and cruises like When We Were Young and the Emo's Not Dead Cruise, the emo phenomenon is having its moment in pop culture-again!

Perfect for:

• Millennials, scene kids, Gen Z, and pop culture consumers nostalgic for the early- and mid-2000s
• A great birthday, holiday, or just-for-fun gift for emo family, friends, frenemies, and your coolest English teacher
• Word nerd fun for anyone who enjoys poetry magnets, Wordle, and other word games for adults
• Appealing to fans of old-school emo like My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, and Fall Out Boy as well as Willow Smith, Olivia Rodrigo, Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud, and Jxdn