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Printmaking Workshop: Placemats

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We’ll be printing our Valentine’s cards using the lino-cut technique. A great and simple technique, that allows you to easily mass-produce your beautiful, hand-made cards.

In this 2-hour workshop you will:

·       Learn the fundamentals of lino-printing; from drawing and carving your image, to inking and printing.

·       Create: you can choose to do a larger lino-cut or a few smaller ones that you can use as stamps. The smaller ones will be great to use for the inside of your card

·       Can bring your own images for inspiration, but don’t worry if you don’t have any, plenty of inspiring images and ideas will be provided.

·       Will have a great time! Lino-cutting is a very forgiving medium, so whatever you make will look great!

·       Take it one step further: To make your message beautiful both in words and visually, we will talk about some simple tips & tricks to make your card an overall artwork.


You will get to take your stamp home so you can continue to make cards at home too!

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