Lucky Tickets for Getting Lucky

Lucky Tickets for Getting Lucky

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When you give out these tickets, you both get lucky!

Each shimmering foil-stamped ticket in this bundle of twelve grants its lucky recipient a sexy favor, ranging from role-play to sensual massage. A playful way to turn up the heat, these tickets are a steamy gift that will hit the jackpot—for you both.

JUST THE TICKET: These tickets are a fun way to give (and get) a little something special on Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or just because.

ADD A PERSONAL TOUCH: In addition to the eleven pre-filled tickets, the booklet includes one blank version that you can fill in with your own customized steamy surprise. Plus, each ticket includes space on the back to personalize your gift.

GIVE ALL AT ONCE, OR INDIVIDUALLY: The tickets are easily removable, so you can give the whole booklet at once, or give them out individually. Use them however you see fit – just get lucky!

Perfect for:
couples looking for impulse-priced sexy gifts
people seeking bachelorette or bachelor party gifts

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