Standard Easter Basket 0-4 - One Strange Bird

Standard Easter Basket 0-4

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What’s the easiest way to fulfill your Easter bunny duties? Order our pre-made Easter baskets with bubbles, chalk, fillable eggs and more! No muss, no fuss. Simply choose the Easter Basket of your choice and let us do the rest! Available for pickup or delivery (within 1.5 miles of our store.) You can even add on extras to your basket like puzzles, books, hair accessories, and more. Limited quantities available.


  • Plastic basket (as shown in picture) — can select from 3 colors

  • Bubble wand

  • Chocolate Easter bunny

  • Egg-shaped sidewalk chalk

  • Bunny Towy

  • Foam crown (with stickers to decorate)

  • Easter Egg Hunt Checklist

  • Glow Bouncy Ball

  • Several plastic Easter eggs

  • Crafts